I suppose these sketches could have been done just about anywhere.  But the fact that they were done on April 10th and yet show subjects bundled up in winter clothes provides a clue.  During my visit to Ohio this past week we initially had grey skies, rain and temperatures in the low 40s, and then snow and temperatures in the 20s!!!  I spent my visit in wool sweaters, long pants, boots, a wool hat, winter parka, scarves and gloves… and even so my hands went back to being chapped and cracked.

quick sketch of woman in quilted coat

Quick sketch of woman in camel hair coat

Fortunately, my hands still managed to eke out these sketches of my fellow travelers at the airport.  Thankfully, the recent blast of winter seems to have skipped over New York City.  I’m hoping to be able to retire my winter duds for good now!


    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      I had forgotten that you have a fur coat. Andy was supposed to play golf when he was in Milwaukee last week, but of course that event got cancelled when the snow and cold took over. It’s grey and rainy in the Big Apple today, but then the next 5 days are supposed to be beautiful. Yay!

      I have a day from hell today – 5 1/2 hours or rehearsals followed by a Wicked show at night. Wish me luck…

      xox – Joana

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