My artistic eye is most often drawn to symmetry and beautiful proportions – and, needless to say, those features are usually found in youthful faces and figures.  But this week, I decided to branch out and see if I could capture the beauty of “less perfect” models.

Woman with white hair and scarf…


sketch of elderly lady on the subway

Curvy nurse looking at her cellphone…

pen sketch of woman looking at her cell phone

Man with the gold-rimmed spectacles and uneven nostrils (a.k.a. My Husband)…

sketch of Andy


  1. You are awesome… Love the way you capture everyday people just doing what we all do living out our normal routine… We do not live in a perfect world with perfect faces!

    • Joana says:

      Thanks so much, Denise! That means a lot to me, especially as I’m going back “to the drawing board” today after a particularly unsuccessful attempt last night. But I firmly believe that if you love something and put the time into doing it, you will eventually get where you want to be…even if it takes a lifetime!

      Hope you have a great week- Joana

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