It was a good week for sketching.  I had enough subway trips to provide me with ample people-watching time, and yet not so much work that I felt too harried or preoccupied to sketch.  Interestingly, my sketches ranged from full body to portrait, and more serious to cartoon-like.



Woman leaning over bag in the subway

Sketch of young African American man

Quick pen sketch of man with umbrella

Quick cartoonish sketch of woman on the subway

Sketch of woman reading the menu outside a restaurant



  1. Lol the first gal use to be me! For some reason after one stop I fell right out!
    That was many years ago and now at this time of my life I could never fall to sleep so fast! Great sketches Joana. 😊

    • Joana says:

      Thanks, Denise! After two days of moving furniture and boxes (my husband is giving up his Milwaukee apartment now that his kids are grown), I am ready to fall asleep while standing. I think we’ve gotten too old for do-it-yourself moves. Sigh…and Zzzzz. 🙂 Joana

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