As I’ve been transitioning to creating my cartoon figures, I’ve discovered that it’s a challenge to know how much detail to include – or, even more importantly, how much to leave out!  While some cartoonist stick to stock figures with very little variation between even male and female figures, I’m interested in capturing more character and variety in my cartoon illustrations.  Of course, practice makes perfect, which is why I’m always taking out my sketchbook whenever I have a free moment.  But I’ve also discovered a new tool, too…the Squinty Eye Technique.

Here’s what’s involved.

  1. Spot your subject
  2.  Squint your eyes until you see mostly blurry shapes and forms (Viola!  Clothing wrinkles will disappear!)
  3. Sketch what you “see”

Here’s what I saw through my squinty eyes this week…




P.S.  When practicing the Squinty Eye Technique you may find yourself the object of some questioning stares.  My advice?  Ignore the stares and smile – after all, no one gets out of this life alive, so you might as well have fun!


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