These days I’m very much a fan of the Potato People school of drawing.   Face it, it’s a lot easier to draw a potato than to draw the human figure.

Before I turned this potato into soup yesterday, I photographed it…


Then traced it.


After studying the outline, I added a circle for the head, and sticks for the legs and arms.  And since the potato looked like it was sitting, I gave it a support.

(I think you’ll agree he’s beginning to look like quite the spud.)

At this point, he was still just (potato) skin and bones, so I had to imagine what he would be wearing…and reading.  Voila!

Happy drawing!


    • Joana says:

      Thanks so much, Helen! When Andy brought that potato home, the post idea came to me – but I also thought it was a rather uninteresting looking potato. I’m glad the inspiration genies were around this afternoon to visit my brain.

      XOX – Joana

      On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 9:07 PM, JOANA MIRANDA STUDIO wrote:


    • Joana says:

      Hi Pam,

      Well, it’s definitely a “thing” in my book! My figure drawing was transformed when I started thinking of people as potatoes. And, I was inspired to do a post about it when we were food shopping at Whole Foods. I confess, though, that I was dismayed when I saw that my husband had put a very boring looking potato into our shopping cart. Fortunately, even that plebeian potato proved that it had some life in it.

      🙂 Joana

      On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 2:04 PM, JOANA MIRANDA STUDIO wrote:


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