Spring comes without fail every year, yet I still find myself always amazed when the trees burst into flower and Central Park becomes a riot of colors.

Even though the skies were grey yesterday, here’s what I saw when I took my afternoon stroll  in the park…


  1. Mehmeh says:

    Yup. I go to those redbud trees and crab apples in my Central Park, too! Lovely pix!! Xoxomm

    • Joana says:

      Hi Meh-meh,

      I call all the blooms cherry trees…guess I should do my research and figure out which are the red buds! I am glad you have your own park. Without a doubt you’re central to it!

      Xox – J

  2. Hippocrates Apostle says:

    Joana – I just love your spirit – you are a veritable treasure for those who know you. Thanks for doing all that you do to bring happiness to this world!

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