• Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      It’s funny – the week before I struggled with my “subway sketches”. I started to feel like maybe I’d forgotten how to draw. This past week was only slightly less busy, but far less stressful (we did 7 Midsummer Night’s Dream shows instead of a week of mixed rep) and all of a sudden I felt like I got my sketching mojo back.

      I’m VERY grateful to have this week off from performing. I had a physical therapy appointment today (my jaw has been aching from playing so much) and I’m planning to keep the practicing focused but light this week. Next week I embark on another 6-week stint of constant performing. Ugh.

      I followed the footage of your last concert with Edo. I think I would have been sad to see him go, too. You guys are sounding so fantastic! Is the season now over?

      xox – Joana

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      • Helen Reich says:

        Hi Joana,

        We have a few weeks to go, although this week is also off for us. And yes, everyone is grateful, because we had tons and tons of music to play during the last couple weeks. I’m glad to finally have time to work on my stuff. Personally, I will miss Edo, although he will be back in September and January, just for two concerts. Of my most memorable MSO concerts, I would say that most of them were with him. The other thing, which I can’t say of ANY OTHER CONDUCTOR, is that I learned stuff from him that made me a better orchestral player. This is something orchestra musicians rarely admit, but a few other people have concurred. OK now, let’s all get creative while we can!

        • Joana says:

          Hi Helen,

          I was very impressed when I came back and played with you guys in the two weeks leading up to Carnegie and at Carnegie. I felt like everyone was trying to play really well and that Edo was creating a “product” that was going to be polished and secure. Between you and me (and everyone who reads my blog – heehee) the NYCB orchestra could use an Edo…someone who would teach players how to balance each other, how to listen and how to meet each other halfway. Of course, Edo wouldn’t want the job (nor is it currently open.) Frankly, it’s a thankless one for the conductors. The dancers definitely come first and, at best, the conductors get a “Good!” if they’ve nailed the tempos. Nothing else seems to really matter!

          I’m glad you get a week off now. It does sound like it’s been intense for you guys as well. My physical therapy session seems to have had some promising results. I practiced for about an hour and half without noticing jaw pain as I was playing. I had a little stiffness in the jaw when I finished, but nothing like I’ve been experiencing.

          Looking forward to seeing your new creations! xox – Joana

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