Quick ballpoint pen sketch of woman listening to music at the Empire Hotel, by Joana Miranda

The New York City Ballet fall season started up today, and I headed back to Lincoln Center for a full day of rehearsals on Swan Lake.  The pace at NYCB is always in high gear (opening night is tomorrow!), and to top off 5  1/2 hours of orchestra rehearsals, I then headed off to the Empire Hotel to support my husband who was acting as emcee for an evening of music and talk with some of the choreographers of the new works being put up this season.

Not being as youthful as I once was, I found myself fading fast as the evening wore on.  A big hint that I had reached my limit was when my black ballpoint pen ran out of ink and it felt to me like the world was ending.

Note to self: Get more sleep and carry around a spare black ballpoint pen!

I did manage this sketch of a patron listening in rapt attention to the music.  (She actually WAS wearing a striped shirt in shades of blue!)  So…

It’s all good!

Ballpoint pen sketch of young woman sitting on a bench, by Joana Miranda

She listened to the tune,

Which ended all too soon.

Then my black pen up and died,

And I left feeling fried.


    • Joana says:

      Yah, my favorite look is not black and blue! 😉 I have since substituted a nice new black gel pen into my purse for the old cheapie that died. Actually, I got the cheapie pen on an overseas flight (to Australia) I think. I used it for several years, so I shouldn’t knock it.

      XOX – Joana

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