For my second published cartoon!!!

Renaissance Applause for IG

I submitted a cartoon to a specialty magazine (the dress above is a hint) about 10 months ago and heard nothing…’til today.  (And here I was assuming that no-answer meant my cartoon had landed in this magazine’s “circular file.”)  Beyond knowing that the check’s in the mail, I don’t know the publication date yet.  But when I do find out, I’ll let y’all know so that you can run out to your local Barnes and Noble and buy all the back issues.

Now pardon me while I dance a galliard around the living room…


  1. Helen Reich says:

    Congratulations! Is it a baroque dance magazine? A baroque opera magazine? I see an Elizabethan ruff, is that a hint?

    • Joana says:

      Thanks, Helen! Warm, warm and warmer. 🙂 It’s a Renaissance magazine. Hopefully, I’ll get an answer soon as to when the cartoon will be published. All I know for now is that they bought it…but that’s fine with me, too.

      Andy says it’s cold in Milwaukee, but that the dusting of snow you got yesterday was beautiful. He’s there for almost two weeks for the run of Beauty and the Beast. I know you have a vacation week, but then are you guys going on tour?

      I’m playing Anna Karenina this week with the Eifman Ballet from Russia. The shows are at the Lincoln Center. I can’t see much of the production, as usual, but the music – all Tchaikovsky – is blended at times with techno pop stuff from the stage. Hmmm….

      xoxo – Joana

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  2. Helen Reich says:

    Nope, no vacations and no tours, although my personal rotated vacation will be the 2nd week of May. This week we are at the Basilica, next week all over the place. We are doing these “neighborhood residencies”, a new thing, in Bayview, this year. The neighborhood things are because we get kicked out of the hall. Some of them involve small groups….I didn’t sign up for any of that, but I am talking to Margaret about doing some sort of baroque soprano/alto type trio sonatas with some sort of basso instrument, but ditching the continuo (keyboard) part. I guess technically, that would be a sonata a 4, minus one. Needs to be portable and small. Anyway, it could be lots of fun. I have some pieces all picked out, hoping that the UWM library might have them. We will need to explore other things we can do, also. Maybe not till next year…..

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