The World Traveler Arrives Home Cartoon for blogThere’s nothing like seeing new sights, tasting different foods and getting to know people from a different culture to broaden your horizons.  My week in Copenhagen was absolutely one of those eye-opening, horizon-broadening experiences.  I felt both challenged and embraced by the different culture.  And even though my souvenir purchases probably didn’t top $40, I came home with the best gift of all – a truly heartfelt appreciation for the experiences I had, and a sense that some of the Danish style of life (hello Hygge!) has already rubbed off onto me.

I will be posting some of my travel photos soon, but for now spending some time unwinding with my husband is in order…

xox – Joana


  1. Helen Reich says:

    Love the drawing! Glad you’re back. I’m off to Cincinnati tomorrow, if the weather doesn’t prevent air travel!

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