(Or, a behind-the-scenes look at how we creatives like to work.)

One of the perks of having joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, is that I can attend the Write/ Sketch meetups at our local Whole Foods.  Since much of the work that creative people do is solitary, having the chance to chat with and work alongside fellow artists and writers is a lovely treat.

And speaking of TREATS, our meetups also include the edible kind, too.  (As you can see, I wasn’t shy about diving right in.)

Are you a creative?  How do you network and share with your fellow creatives?



  1. Helen Reich says:

    What fun! What I do isn’t very portable, so I mainly work by myself at home. Sometimes I really wish I had company! My networking options seem to be few, at least, the offline ones. The online ones are strictly business, and that’s no fun.

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,
      I don’t suppose you could invite Glenda over for beading/sewing meetups, or ask Margaret and Karen if they wanted to come over and draw while you worked on your lapel pins? The way our meetups work is that there is a designated time 1 X per month (6-9 p.m.) and people are welcome to come and go during that window of time as their schedule permits. The coordinator brings some treats, and other than that the only “structure” is that we do timed “sprints” where we work individually on whatever we happen to be working on. After each sprint is over, we relax and just chat about whatever comes to mind. Basically, we’re working on our own projects while keeping each other company. The structure of the “sprints” is also nice because it takes the pressure off of having to socialize with strangers or feel like you’re losing valuable time, but you’re still networking, too. Why don’t you move here….we could meet up in our living room. 🙂 xox – Joana

  2. Fresh Hell says:

    There are writer meetings in my town sometimes, but always at an inconvenient time, and I’m lazy!
    Most of my creative friends seem to be online-only. However, it makes for a really fun online environment. WordPress has connected me with more amazing creatives than I ever imagined I would meet. 🙂

    • Joana says:

      Hi Fresh Hell,
      I, too, enjoy the online support I get from my illustrator and cartoon friends, but I have to say it’s awfully nice to be in the actual company of human beings, too. I had to overcome my anxiety about attending the first SCBWI Write/Sketch meetup – worry about what type of people would attend, if I’d actually find the group (Whole Foods is a big place!), and what the focus of the meetup would be. In the end, all my fears proved baseless and I now find myself really looking forward to seeing those “peeps” again each month! 🙂 What if you started your own writer meetup at a time that worked for you? With all best wishes, Joana

      • Fresh Hell says:

        There’s definitely something to be said for real human beings, and seeing their eyeballs. You have a point.
        There’s a little poetry club that I’m always telling myself I’ll go to. In fact, there’s one tonight. But it’s always immediately after my workout, and I’m like, “I don’t feel like making such a sweaty first impression… also I need to go home and eat a pound of food ASAP.” So the timing isn’t great.
        Organizing my own? That’s quite the notion!
        I could… maybe… I never considered it! Let me mull that one over.

        • Joana says:

          Hmm, I wouldn’t worry about the sweaty first impression. The other night when I attended my 2nd Write/Sketch meetup, I went with wet hair and no makeup and no one seemed to notice since we were all too busy working on our own projects. (Plus, you could always bring along your lb of food, or share it, I suppose.;-) As you can tell, I’m cheering you on! 🙂 Joana

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