Photo of half sandwich and cup of soup at King Arthur Flour cafe.

I happen to be spending some time in NH taking care of my mom’s cottage and this little cutie…

Photo of my mom's adorable Siamese kitten

Because the days have been cool and crisp with plenty of trees already showing their fall colors, my thoughts have turned to baking.  And so I took myself on a date today to the King Arthur Flour store in Norwich, VT.

First off was a trip to the cafe…

Photo of cafe at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT

For a most delicious cup of tomato herb soup and a 1/2 roasted turkey, apple and Gouda sandwich.

Photo of half sandwich and cup of soup at King Arthur Flour cafe.

Fortified with the wholesome food, I was ready to take on the shopping part of my trip.

I sampled the Vermont maple syrups (the Dark Amber was absolutely incredible!)…

Photo of maple syrup display at King Arthur Flour store.

Before moving on to check out the cookbooks…

Photo of cookbooks at King Arthur Flour store.

Bundt Pans…

Photo of Bundt cake pans at King Arthur Flour store.

Rolling pins…

Photo of rolling pins at King Arthur Flour store.

Chocolate baking drops…

Photo of chocolate and cocoa aisle at King Arthur Flour store.

Baking essences…

Photo of baking sugars and essences at King Arthur Flour store.

And the holiday display table and cookie cutter aisle.

Photo of holiday display table at King Arthur Flour store.

Cookie Cutters at King Arthur Flour store.jpg

So many goodies to choose from, but I ultimately settled on buying a box Super Grains Pancake mix (we’ve had it before and it’s excellent), a soup mix for my hubby, and a small box of chocolates to share.

(I also stopped to pose with King Arthur.)

Photo of Joana with the King Arthur suit of armor at the King Arthur Flour store.

When I got home, I was inspired to whip up a loaf of pumpkin chocolate bread (using King Arthur flour, of course!) and now my little furry friend and I are ready to call it a day.

Photo of little Siamese kitten fast asleep.


  1. Helen reich says:

    What a fun excursion! How I wish we could still eat carbs the way we used to believe we could . That little Puck is just so darling.

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      So sorry it’s taken me forever to reply! I thought I’d have loads of time up in NH, but because the internet was slow (and I was busy taking care of His Highness, Mr. Puck) somehow the time evaporated. When I’m with my mom I tend to eat a lot more carbs (and sugar – ugh!) than Andy and I do here at home. But then again, an occasional breaking of one’s usual diet is actually supposed to be more helpful than harmful – as long as it really is occasional!!! 🙂 Hope you are doing great!

      xox – Joana

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