Divided street in Marvao, Portugal

On our recent trip to Portugal, we rented a car and drove northeast to the Alentejo region of Portugal.  Our destination was the magical, medieval, mountain-top town of Marvão – a town on the border with Spain so high up that the locals say “from Marvão you can look down on eagle’s backs.”

We stopped first in the nearby town of Castelo de Vide, arriving at midday – siesta hour – when the town was mostly vacant except for the few locals by the town square fountain.

Locals at the fountain in Castelo de Vide

Making our way up the narrow, winding and quaint streets…

Pretty street in Castelo de Vide.jpg

We arrived at the castle where we had picturesque views over the town…

View through castle window over Castelo de Vide

And all the way to our next mountain-top destination (see black arrow) of Marvão.

Looking towards Marvao from Castelo de Vide.jpg

Driving to Marvão was easy enough, but once we got within the castle walls,  I was afraid the side mirrors of our small car wouldn’t fit.  Here’s what  driving in Marvao is like…

(Fortunately, I just had to be the supportive co-pilot!)

We checked into the Pousada Santa Maria

Photo of Pousada de Santa Maria in Marvao, Portugal

Where our room and terrace overlooked the mountains of Spain, as well as the pretty tiled roofs towards the Pousada dining room below.

View towards Spain from our balcony at the Pousada Santa Maria

View from our terrace in Marvao, Portugal

View from the Pousada de Santa Maria in Marvao, Portugal

Since it was getting to be late afternoon, we made our way towards the castle to explore and catch the sunset.

Castle of Marvao

As was advertised, from here you can see all of Europe!

Funny sign just inside Marvao's castle walls

The higher we climbed, the more spectacular the views.   Suffice to say, there isn’t a bad view ANYWHERE in Marvão!

Views over the castle walls of Marvao, Portugal

Looking north from the castle walls of Marvao, Portugal

Views toward the west from Marvao

Marvao as seen through the castle wall

Fall colors in Marvao

It was from the above vantage point that I created this quick illustration:

As you can see, we had the run of the castle (that’s my husband waving from his rampart…)

Castle walls of Marvao, Portugal

And it felt like we got our own private sunset, too!

Sunset over Marvao, Portugal

Photo of the sunset over the castle walls of Marvao, Portugal

Sunset over Marvao, Portugal

The next morning we were up bright and early (we pretty much had the dining room to ourselves)…

Photo of dining room at Pousada Santa Maria in Marvao

Photo of beautiful dining room at Pousada Santa Maria in Marvao, Portugal

And we feasted on local meats, cheeses, juices, fresh fruits, cereals…


Breakfast buffet at Pousada Santa Maria in Marvao, Portugal

And a homemade cake or two!!

Table of breads and cakes at Pousada Santa Maria in Marvao, Portugal

Nicely sated, we explored the streets of the town…

Pretty street in Marvao

Divided street in Marvao, Portugal

Woman sweeping

And passed by the local laundromat…

Old washing basin in Marvao

Laundry day in Marvao

Before climbing back into our car to head down the mountain.  This will be one town we’ll never forget!

Overlooking houses in Marvao


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