Lucid pillar candle in my home at Christmas time.

Lucid pillar candle in my home at Christmas time.

I’m a big fan of candles – and not just since I fell in love with Copenhagen and the concept of Hygge, either!  However, I’ve always cringed at having having to spend lots of money on candles.  And maybe because I haven’t always splurged on top-of-the-line candles, my candles often melt into misshapen messes…or I end up having to clean up wax drippings off of my candle holders, furniture, and, even sometimes, the carpet!

So when I came across the Lucid Candle stall at the Columbus Christmas Market earlier this past December, I was intrigued.  The idea of an attractive looking, long-burning candle that would never melt or drip and that just needed to be refilled on occasion with odorless liquid paraffin sounded pretty amazing.  Funnily enough, my only hesitation was whether or not I’d miss the candle drippings!

I ended up buying two of the different sized pillars, and, after one use, found myself an instant convert.  I light my two pillars every night and love, love, love that they provide real candle light without all of the mess.

In case you’re interested, Lucid Candle is having a sale right now.  Here’s the link to find out more about the company and their line of candles.  While your candle use might be too late for the holidays, Valentines day is just around the corner…plus, some daily romance is always good for the soul!


  1. Sharon Miranda says:

    I used my 2 lucid tapers for the first time last- lovely! The paraffin is odorless and the candles are bright and beautiful!

    • Joana says:

      Yay! I wonder if you’ll have to refill your tapers faster than I have to refill the pillars. I find that the shorter pillar runs out of paraffin quicker than the taller one…but that makes sense since the taller pillar can accommodate more of the liquid paraffin. 🙂 xox – J

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