Single Panel Cartoons by Joana Miranda Focus on the Journey for Cruising Outpost Magazine

Study the path of any published cartoonist and you’ll discover that a HUGE percentage of their work was rejected along the way.  Like those cartoonists, I’ve also slaved, and,  happily, have survived many rejections to date.  Truth be told, my rejections have only strengthened my sense of purpose and persistence.

Every so often, when a cartoon DOES get published, being able to finally share it with the world makes the victory all that much sweeter.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at my “Focus on the Journey” cartoon which appeared recently in the winter edition of Cruising Outpost magazine.

(I might just get this one tattooed onto my forehead…)

Focus on the Journey cartoon by Joana Miranda as seen in Cruising Outpost magazine

Winter edition of Cruising Outpost Magazine with Focus on the Journey cartoon by Joana Miranda


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