Cute colored pencil cartoon illustration of girl with a broom, by Joana Miranda (the happy result of my time spent drawing outside today!)

The warmer weather today inspired me to head outside to our balcony with the broom and dustpan. After a thorough sweep and a wipe down of our table and chairs, I sat down with my paper and pencils. I didn’t really have an illustration goal in mind; rather, I just wanted to enjoy drawing outside.

Here’s what emerged…

(I hope you’ll pardon the “jiggly-ness” of my video. Plein air drawing, or drawing outside, does have its challenges, and the wind was definitely making things a bit difficult today.)

I actually created my cartoon entirely with watercolor pencils because I was going for more freedom and whimsy in the illustration. And, in spite of working quite quickly, I seem to have matched the shade of the broom bristles pretty well!

In this whimsical cartoon photo Little Jo is taking advantage of the beautiful weather to sweep while I spend some time drawing outside!

Now the balcony is swept and I’ve distributed the (empty) planters around the periphery. I confess I’m itching to get my hands into the dirt. That said, I know it’s probably best to be prudent and wait a few more weeks to plant the pots. For the time being, at least I can feast on photos of my balcony garden from previous years.


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