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Somehow, another week has flown by since my last post. However, considering that I visited three New England states traveling via train, car and ferry, it’s probably not a surprise! The good news is that my travel sparked new creativity and some more funny drawings!

Here’s where I went and why…

When I learned that a dear Portuguese family friend was playing lead trumpet for the Cape Verde singer Tito Paris in Providence, Rhode Island, I decided to head up the coast via Amtrak to attend the concert.


The show was an extravaganza of lights, sounds and very happy concert goers. It’s possible that I might have been the only person in the audience who wasn’t from Cape Verde, though!


Being spring and graduation time, the hotels in Providence were almost all booked. I was lucky enough to get a room at the Hotel Providence but had to book a suite since it was one of the last rooms available. Needless to say, staying in a room almost as big as our NY apartment was quite a treat. (Oh, and did I mention that it had a Jacuzzi?)


The hotel dining room had a great view, good food and very nice waiters, too.

Creating funny drawings was on my mind when I sketched my waiter…

Happy-waiter-cartoon-Funny Drawings by-Joana-Miranda

(He looked like this when I gave him the sketch…)


My husband joined me in Providence the day after the concert so that we could travel to Nantucket to visit his mother. The ferry ride out was “choppy” but still perfectly doable. By the way, I’m a wuss and rely on these wrist bands to ward off being seasick.

(Of course, the islanders seem to take it all in stride…maybe if I did the commute every day I’d eventually gain my sea legs, too?)

Funny Drawings Quick-cartoon sketch-of-delivery-man-by-Joana-Miranda


Although the weather had been overcast and rainy in Providence, the skies finally cleared and the sun came out as we arrived in Nantucket.

Crisp, clean ocean air…


…made for lovely sightseeing around the quaint downtown.

We even took a solitary stroll on the beach…


Ah! Quiet, nature and time for rest…there’s nothing quite like it to rejuvenate the soul and spark new creativity.


(Now back to the grind…)

Funny Drawings-Man-Walking-with-Purpose-by-Joana-Miranda


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