If you possess a creative brain like I do…

You’re probably never in short supply of cool new ideas or fun projects to try. Much harder, though, is seeing the “forest for the trees” when it comes to figuring ways to budget your time.

In fact, you might pile so many things onto your plate that you end up feeling like this…


(Needless to say, the fun of chasing your “tail” tends to wear out quickly. Not to mention that running around in circles is generally considered counterproductive when it comes to running a business!)

In my case, recognition of this tendency has been the first step to moving forward with my business. The 2nd step – as I wrote about in my recent post about SCORE mentoring – has been to get some outside professional business help.

Greater focus…

Means you tend to work smarter, not harder. It’s also a lot more rewarding when you have a goal to run towards instead of just feeling like you’re in a…


All that said, time management is still key…

So when I came across this article describing Warren Buffett’s “2 List Strategy”, I decided to investigate further. After all, I figure Warren Buffett probably knows a thing or two about focus, time management and success. Following his instructions, I sat down with pen and paper today and drew up a list with 25 – no, 27 (did I mention I have a creative brain?) – of the most pressing tasks I need to accomplish. (Narrowing the list down to JUST 5 of the most crucial tasks wasn’t exactly easy, but I did it anyway.)


Even harder will be completely ignoring the remaining 22 tasks until I’ve completed my TOP 5 tasks. But you know what? All of a sudden I’m feeling fired up to tackle the TOP 5 so I can then get to the next 22!

And that’s cause for taking a moment to do this…



  1. sharonia628 says:

    Oh gosh, you are not only creative, you are a SMARTY-PANTS! Xox mm xox

    • Joana says:

      I’m trying to be more smarty pants these days…;-) But the progress still seems slower than I’d like. Sigh.

      xox – J

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