Cartoon Drawing of laughing man by Joana Miranda

You wouldn’t know from my rather sporadic blog posts of late, but I have been busy with cartoon drawing and illustration work!

In addition to creating a custom cartoon drawing and greeting card for the New York City Ballet, I’ve also been busy working on cartoon illustrations for an ongoing project with an overseas company. I’m creating the 12 illustrations for the company’s monthly periodical and my illustrations are being featured through December 2019. Unfortunately, I can’t share any more information or details until early next year, but as soon as I can, I will.

However, what I CAN share is the following…

(By the way, even though it took FOUR tries before I got the lighting and the positioning of my cell phone mount correct – a “tuition piece?” – this little guy kept his good humor the entire time. Cartoon men are nice that way.)

Cartoon Drawing of laughing man by Joana Miranda

If you enjoy seeing my cartoon drawing videos…

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You can also peruse the selection of cartoon greeting cards currently available in my shop at Etsy. The cards are very reasonably priced and are paired with sparkly silver envelopes and cute envelope seals. They are packaged securely in archival plastic sleeves inside rigid mailers and ship promptly.

Spreading happiness and cheer is always a good idea; plus the funds keep me stocked in paper and pens so I can create more cartoons!

And, on the subject of money and happiness…

(Skip to the end if you want to learn how much money you REALLY need to truly feel secure), I found this interview with Abigail Disney – a.k.a granddaughter of Roy O. Disney – to be an interesting and eye-opening read.


In other news, this month I’ve been one of two featured artists on the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators web page (Metropolitan Chapter).



    • Joana says:

      Abigail Disney’s article was interesting for sure! I loved reading about how much money she has given away and that she feels that private jets are a “bad” luxury. The last bit about rich people’s ideas of how much money they’d need to feel secure really stuck with me, too. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Jennifer!
      xox – Joana

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