My Life as a Cartoonist, funny weight lifting cartoon by Joana Mirada

My life as a cartoonist usually requires thinking outside the box…

But sometimes, it also involves carrying the box (and even drawing on it, too!)

Case in point…

My beloved Epson Artisan 1430 printer died on me recently. Actually, the printer didn’t exactly die, but it stopped delivering clean prints. And, in a cartoonist’s world, bad prints are cause for…



So after ruling out the possibility of getting my old printer fixed, I ordered a new printer (the Epson Expression Photo HP XP-15000) to replace it. By the way, my go-to place for electronics has always been B&H Photo. Their tech help is fantastic, plus they are always willing to offer knowledgeable advice on the right products to fit the customer’s needs.


B&H Photo just happens to be a subway ride away in midtown Manhattan. Although I could have gotten my new printer shipped, I opted for in-store pickup to save on the wait time and to be kinder to the environment.

Portrait of the Cartoonist, printer in hand, at Penn Station.

My life as a cartoonist...sometimes means schlepping a new printer home, photo by Joana Miranda

(18 lb printers are also useful for bicep curls.)

Plus, the added bonus…

Was that the large box made for a great impromptu drafting table on the subway ride home, too!

Of course…

The next trick will be setting up the new printer. But first chocolate mousse and some couch potato time with my husband!


  1. Sharon Miranda says:

    I hope you love that 18 lb baby! I loved the pictures in your bloog! You,too! Mm

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