The past few days have really felt like the start of summer to me. My rehearsals at the ballet are over for the time being. Not only does this mean that I have some free time during the day to catch up with friends, but I also have more time for my cartoon illustration sketches!

Part of the challenge of creating cartoon sketches…

Is drawing “in the field”, or – more aptly – in the subways, restaurants and cafes around Manhattan! Trying to capture the essence of a stranger is challenging because the subjects aren’t posing (and they rarely stay in the same position for longer than a few seconds.)

My outing to Parker and Quinn for lunch today resulted in these cartoon illustrations:

On the subway to Bryant Park, a lady was studiously studying her paperwork.


And at Parker and Quinn’s bar, the bartender made the drinks with care…


While a lunch-hour patron entertained himself on his device.


During our meal I put away my sketch pad, of course. But I could probably still sketch from memory the mini cheesecake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream that we were served for dessert. Yes, it was THAT good!

(By the way, I always travel with a small pencil case containing my drawing “tools.” These include an H hardness Faber-Castell pencil and eraser for laying out rough guidelines, a Zebra brand fine brush-tip pen for drawing, and a Pentel water-brush pen filled with India ink and water for shading. The touches of watercolor pencil were added to the cartoon drawings after I got home.)

P.S. If you’ve enjoyed seeing these cartoon illustration sketches, then you’ll probably love seeing these, too!


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