Cartoon drawing in process - finished colored version by Joana Miranda

Ah, summer! There’s nothing like a change of pace to renew the creative spirit. For me, free time means the opportunity to work on my humorous art. And I’m always happy to share my cartoon drawing process with my fans.

Here’s a high speed video of my latest cartoon illustration:

Although I created the video above inside at my drafting table, making use of the light outside for the coloring phase was a no brainer. Not only is natural light always better when it comes to color selection, but the vitamin D is also good for the body and soul, too. Fortunately, my Faber-Castell watercolor pencils and my Pentel water brush pens are easily portable.

Here’s the cartoon drawing with the color added!

Cartoon drawing in process - finished colored version by Joana Miranda

On a side note…

I have to say, there’s something that really appeals to me about working with watercolor pencils. Maybe it’s the magic that happens when I brush over them with the water brush pen. Or, maybe it’s that I like the range of shading that I can get by simply laying down lighter or heavier strokes of the pencils. These pencils give me precision and freedom at the same time. And who doesn’t want that?!

You can see other examples of my cartoons shaded with watercolor pencils in this children’s illustration and this sweet “wine lover” illustration. Both are available for purchase here. And if you’re interested, consider subscribing to my Youtube channel. You’ll find lots more cartoon drawing in process videos there, too!

(P.S. By the way, the ceramic bowl holding the grapes was made my mother, Sharon Miranda. When she’s not being my mother, she’s a very talented potter. You can buy her pottery here!)


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