Cartoon Paper Dolls Soprano Sax Player by Joana Miranda

This humorous short cartoon video features yet another of my cartoon paper dolls – this time playing the soprano sax. It’s a little nutty, and a whole lotta fun. Enjoy!

Happy Hour at the Jazz Club

Today’s Cartoon Paper Doll in Residence:

Cartoon Paper Dolls Soprano Sax Player by Joana Miranda

You can see a gathering of my cartoon creations here and catch more of them in action here and here, as well as on my Youtube channel!

A look behind the curtain…

At the creation of these cartoon paper dolls is pretty comical, too. My drafting table ends up littered with little snippets of paper and tape, and my filming location becomes a repository for all kinds of odds and ends from around the house…necessity IS the mother of invention, after all! (In case you’re wondering, Hibiscus iced tea is a great stand in for red wine!) Inevitably, our normal life routines – like eating dinner at a reasonable hour – get a bit disrupted. Therefore, a great deal of credit must be given to my devoted husband for his patience and understanding.

(He also served as camera man for this particular video.)


  1. sharonia628 says:

    Ooh lovely! I must try some hibiscus wine tea! (How DID you do that bubble?) Xox

    • Joana says:

      Thanks, Jennifer! The bubble took some engineering…;-) (Which made the video definitely a two-person job!)
      A big hug,

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