Part of aging gracefully – (ha ha!) – is discovering that your digestion changes. Yesterday started out great. I was super productive yet even took time to enjoy a fairly leisurely lunch on our balcony in the sun. For dessert I had some cherries. Twelve, to be exact. About an hour later, though, I felt like I’d swallowed a beach ball. Which leads me to conclude that life’s a bowl of cherries only if you can digest them!

Life's a Bowl of Cherries? only if you can digest them cartoon by Joana Miranda

Unfortunately, my bloating persisted into the evening. So I consulted Dr. Google for remedies and decided to try the following:

Glugging water…


Exercising (Since I’d already exercised earlier in the day I went for a brisk walk around the block instead.)


Peppermint (which I took in the form of this tea.)

Life's a bowl of cherries only if you can digest them photo cartoon by Joana Miranda

I’m happy to report that the the Stomach Ease tea made a difference almost immediately. Keeping my sense of humor about my beach ball belly also helped.

After all, life’s a bowl of cherries life is nothing if not a balancing act…


    • Joana says:

      Cherries? What?! Those are flowers. Hee-hee! I’m realizing that in addition to my digestion being wonky at times, I now really need to wear my self-prescribed reading glasses when I illustrate. I actually wear them OVER my contacts. I can see fine up close without the contacts in, but with them in I now have problems seeing/reading close up. Oh the joys…
      xox – Joana

  1. Helen Reich says:

    Oh, well it’s too small to tell really, I just assumed they were cherries! Something that MIGHT be helpful regarding digestion: try eating fresh fruit by itself as a snack, rather than as dessert after a meal. The local Ayurvedic guru advised me to do that some years ago……it probably doesn’t make that much difference for me…..I have a stomach of steel……but it might help others. Something about the acid in fresh fruit interfering with the digestion of other stuff.

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for the hint about “stand alone” fruit consumption. We still have some cherries in the fridge so I’ll try them as my snack soon. 🙂

      The weather is absolutely sublime at the lake today. I will go back out towards sunset, but since I spent a bit too much time already in the sun today I’m catching up with illustrating and posting on my blog indoors for now.

      A big hug,

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