My husband and I just came off a whirlwind week: as in…a four state, two city, plane, train, automobile type of week. (Though in our case, we substituted a Uhaul for the train!) Suffice to say it was a week of flying, driving, renting cars and Uhauls, and unpacking and repacking boxes. Thinking outside the box was pretty much our survival technique.

Our adventure started with a quick trip to Milwaukee. The goal was to set up my husband’s music office at the new Milwaukee Ballet Studios.

For me, thinking outside the box looked like this…

Thinking outside the box sometimes means finding new ways to carry the box!  Cartoon by Joana Miranda

(As I discovered, carting away broken-down boxes is much easier when you stack them on your head!)

With the music office somewhat organized and assembled, we then turned our energies to moving our personal belongings out of a languishing storage unit. (Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will remember that we lived for a time in Milwaukee. Paying a monthly storage fee for stuff you don’t use really starts to add up.) Renting in New York City also starts to add up, but that’s a subject for another post…

My husband adores his books. I’m not as in love with them…

What to wear on moving day.  Cartoon by Joana Miranda

In case, you’re wondering, I hauled the boxes and desks out of our storage unit in my trusty Clark’s platform sandals. Yes, they’re that comfortable!

After speed-packing our Uhaul and then battling traffic around Chicago and Gary, Indiana, the bucolic scenery of Ohio was a lovely change.

Photo of bucolic scenery in Ohio, taken by Joana Miranda

Though opening and sorting through the boxes, resealing them, moving them into a new storage unit and moving THREE desks around in my mom’s Ohio house left me feeling like this…

Thinking outside the box sometimes means trying unusual remedies - like CBD salve for an aching back! Cartoon by Joana Miranda

Now that we’re safely back in New York City in our (hot) apartment, I’m giving thanks for all of our good plane, car, Uhaul and weather karma. I’m also giving thanks for the little jar of CBD salve that’s working wonders on my aching back.


    • Joana says:

      Yes, shower me with love (and kisses.) 🙂 It was a treat to be in your housie in Obie-land. Even better when you and Puck are there, of course.
      xox – J

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