If I had to choose between being enlightened or being entertained, I confess that most days I’d probably choose to be entertained. So I’ll admit that I’m writing this post almost more for myself than for anyone else. Because life advice in two words and three cartoons is just about my speed.

Life advice in two words…is such a thing possible?


I’m generally a happy person. But every once in a while the turkeys get me down and I feel like this…

When the turkeys get you down cartoon by Joana Miranda

Other days, I find myself filled with worry at the prospect of some impending doom…

The little gymnast cartoon by Joana Miranda

And big time anxiety takes over.

How have I coped? What’s gotten me back to feeling happily like myself?

Even though I didn’t know the words until I read them in this blog post today, I have instinctively embraced amor fati during some of the most difficult times in my life.

And the result has been this…

Life advice in two words - the effects of amor fati take over.


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