We’ve all probably been on the receiving end of a “re-gift” at some point in our lives. I’ll even admit that I re-gifted once as well (and then felt dutifully guilty for years afterwards!) But did you know that some people have even extended the re-gifting practice to birthday cards? Yes, there are existing records of the longest birthday card exchange!

The Longest Birthday Card Exchange…

According to the Guinness Book of World Records goes to Mary Wheaton and Pat Shardelow who have been exchanging the same birthday card since 1944. However, I also found records online of other self-confessed cheapskate pairs in the birthday card exchanging department. These record-holders vary from 37 to 40+, and even 47 years. My favorite, though, is perhaps this pair of brothers in Boulder, Colorado who have been exchanging the same card for the past 37 years. Why do they get my vote? Because…

  1. They took the time to actually write a note in the card each year instead of just signing their names.
  2. They were so cheap some years that they mailed the card early to avoid paying the raise in postage fees.
  3. The little cartoons on the cover and inside the card they sent (and resent!) are adorable.

Apropos of cute birthday cards, the illustration on my latest birthday card (now available in my shop at Etsy) could very well stand the test of time. It’s also made of 30% recycled paper which means it’s already eco-friendly. And, because it’s blank on the inside, it can probably take 60 years of messages back and forth.

Just sayin’…

The Little Chef birthday greeting card by Joana Miranda Studio is made of partially recycled paper.  With its timeless illustration and blank inside, it's the perfect choice for the next longest birthday card exchange!

P.S. Love this little character illustration and want to commission me to create one especially for you? Contact me to discuss your custom character illustration needs.


    • Joana says:

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comment!

      All best wishes,

    • Eileen Oxley says:

      Hi, My friend Barb, & her friend Betty have been exchanging the same B/day card for 60 years, a few missed in the middle when kids came along, but still, Barb was 77 today, 2 Mar., & received the card from Betty.

      • Joana says:

        How fun! I guess exchanging the same birthday card is a “thing” with some people. It’s certainly a cute tradition! Wishing you (and Betty and Barb) all the best,

  1. sharonia628 says:

    Oh I have done that! Many a time. I even encourage my recipients when I send a fancy card, by not writing on the card, but on a slip of paper. Isn’t that nice of me???🤗

    • Joana says:

      Yes, very considerate as long as you remember to write something on the slip of paper. 😉

      I love all the notes you send me!

      xox – J

  2. Kerry Bierman says:

    My Cousin and I are celebrating 55 years back and forth with the same card. Even from Viet Nam.

    • Joana says:

      That’s so fun to hear! Thanks for visiting my blog and for writing me. I wish you and your cousin many more years of happy card exchanges. 🙂 Joana

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