Autumn Illustration - Children's Book Art by Joana Miranda

Where did the summer go? All of a sudden the days are getting shorter and everyone is going back to school (or work!) All that said, a change of season usually brings fresh perspectives and new opportunities. And, as you can see from my autumn illustration below, for me that means even more excuses to play!

Autumn Illustration by Joana Miranda

Autumn Illustration - Children's Book Art by Joana Miranda

About this illustration…

This is yet another of my freehand pen and India ink illustrations. For this whimsical children’s book illustration, I started out by drawing my little cartoon girl character on my favorite marker paper. Then I colored the illustration with Copic markers. The brush tip end of the Copic markers performs somewhat similarly to a watercolor paintbrush. However, since the markers are alcohol based, I can get nice gradations of shading in my strokes and good color saturation without getting the paper overly wet.

These days, much like the new perspectives a change of season brings, I’m mixing up my media so that I keep challenging myself to be flexible and grow. Saturday might be marker paper and Copic markers. Sunday, I’ll switch over to watercolor paper and paint brushes. And if I’m on the road (currently lap-topping this post on Dartmouth Coach!) I’ll practice drawing with my Zebra fountain pen, Aquash water brush pens and whatever scraps of paper I have on hand.


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  1. Sharon Miranda says:

    wow, this is so different! Will *I* be different next? xoxo MM

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