Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. (For those of you stopping by for the first time, I came from a musical family and grew up immersed in classical music.) So it’s probably not a surprise that I draw from my many years studying and playing music professionally for my music-themed illustrations. In fact, any resemblance to me in my latest Girl Playing Violin illustration is purely intentional!

Girl Playing Violin Illustration

Girl Playing Violin illustration - Children's Book Art by Joana Miranda

Actually, I wish I could be this free as a musician! The little violinist above was drawn freehand with dip pen and India ink. Because I drew her on watercolor paper, “dressing” her in a wash of watercolor was the natural choice. I selected cheerful and bright colors for my palette because I wanted to keep the mood of this illustration friendly and playful.

By the way, I’m really loving my Daniel Smith watercolor paints. My recent watercolor supplies splurge was relatively modest – only 3 tubes of cool primary colors and 3 tubes of warm primary colors plus a tube of Phthalo green. Fortunately, with those colors I can achieve pretty much every shade in the rainbow. And that’s definitely worth a song and a dance!

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