These days whenever we can we jet off to visit my mom. Not only does she rank as one of the world’s greatest moms, but visiting her means we get to see little Puck, her Siamese cat. He’s intelligent, endlessly curious, friendly, playful and funny. In short, he’s the inspiration for my cat art!

Cat Art for Cat Ladies…

Like my mom (and me!) is even more amusing when the artwork is simple, quirky and even a little naughty, too!

Cat Lady Cat Art - Freehand Ink and Watercolor Illustration by Joana Miranda

Cat Ladies…

Historically have gotten a bad rap. But my mom has definitely put the fun back into the “crazy cat lady” stereotype. She’s old-fashioned enough to write and send snail mail cards like these…

Cat Art - Sleeping Cat Note Card by Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy
Sleeping Cat Note Card by Joana Miranda
Funny Siamese Cat Art - Note cards for cat lovers by Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy
Scared-y Cat Note Card by Joana Miranda
Naughty Cat Note Card by Joana Miranda

Yet she also researches Youtube for cat training tips and orders all of Puck’s toys, accessories and food online from!

Getting My Feline Fix…

Might only come sporadically (there’s rules against having a cat in our New York City apartment), but fortunately I can still live vicariously by creating my cat artwork!

P.S. The note cards above are available in my shop at Etsy. You can even create a boxed set of 7 (your choice of cards) using this link.



  1. Sharon Miranda says:

    Ooh, I’m blushing here! My baby and (crazy) me on your cards, how awesome is that?!! (You captured us perfectly…) xox

    • Joana says:

      Thanks for being my model (and such a good sport!) You are the best!!!
      xox – J

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