Even though we seem to be getting an extra month of summer these days (hello, global warming!) I’ve been trying to get myself psyched for fall. Yesterday night I booked my travel tickets for Thanksgiving. And today I put the finishing touches on my newest funny holiday card.

Funny Holiday Card by Joana Miranda Studio

Funny holiday card - Happy Holidays! - by Joana Miranda Studio

About this humorous holiday card…

I created this card using my new (and beloved!) Sailor Fountain Pen together with DeAtrementis Document Ink. I colored the whimsical cartoon illustration with my (also much loved!) Daniel Smith watercolors.

Purchase the card…

In my shop at Etsy. You can buy just one, or purchase a boxed set of 6 cards. (And if you want to create a mixed set of 6 cards, that’s just fine, too! Just use this handy link to choose the U-Pick-6 option.) By the way, I pair all my cards with sparkly silver envelopes and include a cute envelope seal for each card.


Hmmmm. I can hear you thinking, “No one sends holiday cards anymore. And why should I bother when I can just text or email?”

Here are My Top 5 Reasons for Sending Holiday Cards:

  1. You get to practice your handwriting (and grammar and spelling!)
  2. Writing cards will help put you into the holiday spirit.
  3. Sending cards is one of the easiest ways to show that you care.
  4. You’ll give the mailman a break from delivering catalogs and junk mail.
  5. You can practice flexing your gratitude muscles.

And if this card isn’t your thing…

No problem! There are many more in my shop at Etsy (and even more percolating in my brain!)

Stay tuned!


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