I’m delighted to have participated in Inktober this year. I’m even happier that I was able to come up with a free-hand ink illustration for each day’s challenge. For the Inktober 2019 final illustration, I decided to “go out with a bang,” so to speak. I created my free-hand illustration video in real time while explaining my drawing and thought process.

Inktober 2019 Final Illustration –

(By the way, today’s video set-up looked a little like this. And yes, in a pinch, a music stand serves well as an art easel!)


Here’s the video where I draw and explain my process:

I plan to post more real-time, free-hand ink drawings like the one above on my channel at Youtube. If you’d like to see these drawing videos, make sure to click on the red SUBSCRIBE button. (And after you’ve subscribed, toggle the grey bell icon ON so that you receive an email notification each time I post a new drawing video.)

I’m pleased to say I learned the following from participating in this year’s Inktober challenge:

  • Drawing free-hand with ink enhances the humor and life of my illustrations.
  • You can improvise a cell phone stand with little more than a desk, something heavy to act as a counter weight, and your lap as a drawing surface. (See this post for a description and a look at the resulting videos.)
  • The Sailor Fude Nib fountain pen has great ink flow and a fabulous variety of line. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s an interesting review. In my humble opinion, the Duke 209 Fude Nib fountain pen pales in comparison.
  • A studio light kit is very helpful when recording a “How To” drawing video. For the video above, I used this setup.
  • If you shade a plum as I did in the video above, it will look like a hamburger.

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