I’ve recently discovered that a whiteboard is a great tool for illustrators. Drawing on a whiteboard enables me to practice illustrating while saving on paper – hello, green living! Creating a whiteboard cartoon animation is also fairly intuitive since you can easily erase just the portion of the illustration you want to have moving without having to redraw the entire illustration.

Here’s my newest whiteboard cartoon animation…

Yes, my little video is a little basic in concept. However, I’m proud of this first attempt since I was using a new video editing program (Windows Live Movie Maker). I also had to figure out a creative way to position my studio lights since the shiny whiteboard surface does create more glare and reflections than a normal piece of white paper.

What’s next?

Whiteboard cartoon animation doodle by Joana Miranda

Why more experiments with dry erase board cartoon animation and film-making of course!

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    • Joana says:

      You’re impressed because you’re my mother. But that’s ok, I’ll take it! I love you!
      xox – J

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