I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for the launch of my illustrations on LinkNYC. I’m delighted to now announce that you can see 5 of my illustrations on these kiosks.

My illustrations on LinkNYC went live yesterday evening…

Observation Deck whimsical illustration by Joana Miranda - now live on LinkNYC kiosks throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC

So, of course, I ran around the Upper West Side taking pictures of as many of “my” kiosks as I could.

There are 1800 LinkNYC kiosks throughout the five boroughs of NY. My illustrations will be appearing on all 1800 for the next two weeks. The LinkNYC kiosks run 24/7 and feature news, weather, ads and fun facts about New York City. And, thanks to the partnership with #ArtOnLink, art and illustrations by New York artists is also interspersed with these offerings.

On Broadway, my Carousel illustration upstaged the AMC movie marquee…

My illustrations on LinkNYC kiosks - The Carousel by Joana Miranda

And, my I Love NY illustration added a little je-ne-sais quois to the sidewalk in front of Zabars.

I Love NY illustration on #ArtOnLink/LinkNYC by Joana Miranda

I spotted my Street Artist illustration near a Christmas tree vendor…

My illustrations on LinkNYC - The Street Artist illustration by Joana Miranda

And, took this sparkly shot just outside the Beacon Hotel.

My illustrations on LinkNYC - The Carousel illustration by Joana Miranda


Even though all five of the illustrations I submitted are now live, there is one illustration which has eluded my photography attempts. So, for now, I’ll hold off on sharing that illustration. My hope is that I can get a photo of it near Rockefeller Center since the subject of that illustration is…Rockefeller Center!

Needless to say, seeing my illustrations on LinkNYC is probably the best gift I could have gotten this holiday season.

Whimsical ink and watercolor happy girl in winter coat illustration by Joana Miranda


If you’re a fellow New Yorker and you happen to see some of my illustrations on the billboards over the next two weeks, I hope you’ll let me know! I’d love to see any photos you take, too. Also, please feel free to share the photos you take on your favorite social media channels. (Tag them #joanamirandastudio so that anyone interested can follow the cyber trail to my website.)


  1. Pamela Frame says:

    Joana! I am over the moon excited for you!! This is so wonderful! 1000 congratulations. They are delightful, all of them! What a coup! ❤️❤️❤️🤩

    • Joana says:

      Hi Pam,

      Thanks so much for cheering me on! I’m over the moon, too. It’s funny, every time I see one of “my” billboards, my heart starts racing. It’s also been nice to get random texts and emails from friends in the city who are seeing the illustrations, too. 🙂

      I hope you are having a lovely holiday season and that you have a very merry and happy Christmas. I think of you every day when I look at your beautiful paper flowers in our bedroom and in the living room.

      xox – Joana

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