Free hand drawing of cat lady and Siamese cat, by Joana Miranda

I’m a fan of free-hand drawing. Although it’s taken me a while to get to the point of feeling comfortable drawing free-hand in pen, I now do about 90% of my illustrations this way. When I draw in pen with no pencil under sketch, I have to really be in the moment. Furthermore, mistakes become opportunities to see the illustration in a new light – and, sometimes, to take it in a slightly different direction.

One of my recent free-hand drawing projects was this illustration:

Funny free-hand cat lady drawing by Joana Miranda

Which happens to be a depiction of my mother playing with her little Siamese cat, Puck.

My mom LOVED the illustration, but told me today that she wants me to “vacuum” up the little crumbs I added in underneath the table and chair. Perhaps that request was in the back of my mind when I sat down to do some practice illustrations today.

For inspiration, I first looked around the house…

And then proceeded with this free-hand ink drawing. (I admit that as a reward, I ate my “found object” when I got done with my drawing.)

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