Romantic love ecards - Valentine Scooter illustration by Joana Miranda

How is it that we’re almost to the end of January? The holidays seem like just yesterday, yet Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. With that in mind, I’ve created a new romantic illustration for my ecard shop. In fact, there are now TWO romantic love ecards currently in my shop, so you can have your pick. Even better, all of my ecards are currently free for you to send whenever you choose. (I sent one to my husband today just because…awww!)

My romantic love ecards…

Romantic love ecard illustration by Joana Miranda

Naturally have a sense of fun and play, too. Googly-eyed love only goes so far in my book. Make me laugh and I’ll be pretty much smitten for life. (Well, red roses are a nice touch, too.)

About this illustration –

This one really did feel like a labor of love. Because the positioning of the figures was a bit more intricate, I started with a very rough pencil outline – basically, two faceless potatoes with stick arms and legs. After placing my rough outline sketch on my light box, I proceeded to draw the illustration free-hand using my favorite Sailor Fude Nib fountain pen. I wish I could say I got the illustration right on the first try, but I didn’t. (I lost count after the 5th or 6th attempt.)

The art of simplifying…

Also meant various attempts (read – obsessive “do overs”) at the coloring stage before I was finally satisfied. In this case, I used a combination of a diluted India ink wash along with touches of watercolor.


My husband patiently put up with my distracted state and our delayed evening happy hour until I finally got it right. Which leads me to say:

“I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”

Rita Rudner


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