In the last week I’ve had 3 forays into the field. Or, as the case may be, into my neighborhood coffee shops and our local Whole Foods. My goal with this field sketching exercise has been to challenge myself to quickly “cartoonify” the people I see. Although I’m still doing my drawing free-hand with pen, I’ve changed two variables in how I work. The first is that I’ve been using my Duke Fude Nib fountain pen instead of my usual Sailor Fude Nib pen. Why? Because the Duke has a slightly finer nib which allows me to create finer lines. The second variable is that instead of starting with the nose, I’ve created each sketch starting from the body first.

As you can see, I picked a good vantage point near the exit for my field sketching at Whole Foods today:

Sketching in the field - in this case, at my local Whole Foods.

As I worked, I tried to create a mini scene for each character wherever possible.

Here’s a closer look at the ink cartoon sketches:

Photo of my sketchbook at Whole Foods

I decided to add the watercolor at home since I had groceries that needed to be refrigerated…

Hand drawn ink sketches in my sketchbook from my field sketching exercise today.

And here’s a closer look at some of my favorites from this exercise:

Cartoon ink sketch of heavy-set man in profile view by Joana Miranda

If you like these whimsical hand-drawn ink sketches, you can check out more of my work in my portfolio. Or, purchase a whimsical cartoon print or greeting card in my shop at Etsy.

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    • Joana says:

      But of course…there are ONLY cute people wherever I go! 😉

      xox – J

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