I recently finished filling up my Strathmore 400 Series Field Watercolor Sketchbook. The last four pages of the book are my favorite since they contain my recent ink and watercolor field sketches. (You can see more of my field sketch illustrations here and here.) As I move forward with my next sketchbook, I plan to do a lot more field sketching. I enjoy having an excuse to visit different cafes and venues around NYC. And, quickly cartooning the people I see around me is great practice.

Sunday night’s field sketches…

Musician field sketches by Joana Miranda

Were done during the first half of an orchestra concert at the Good Shepherd Church on the Upper West Side. I was there to support two friends from my Eastman School of Music days who were playing in the orchestra.

The trumpet soloist – an engineer by day – was particularly fun to sketch. By the way, his playing was truly stunning.

More recently…

I ducked in out of the rain for some quiet time and sketching at the nearby Birch Cafe.

From my seat near the window, I could look out and see the pedestrians hurrying by. (As you can see, some were moving faster than others.)

Ink and watercolor cartoon sketches done at Birch Cafe, by Joana Miranda

Since I recently renewed my membership to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I’m thinking my next field sketches should be done there. The lighting in the museum is beautiful, of course, which will make sketching people even more fun.

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