Staying sane in a crazy world isn’t easy. These days, thanks to the corona virus pandemic, it feels harder than ever. Self care – both mental and physical – is always important. But, if you haven’t been in the habit, don’t fret. Now is just as good a time to start – not to mention, these days you might find yourself twiddling your thumbs looking for some new ways to occupy your time. Case in point: after my brisk walk around the reservoir today, I decided to treat myself to a DIY face mask pampering session. (Illustrating the process for y’all to see was, of course, a logical next step, too.)

Staying sane in a crazy world – An Illustrated Guide to DIY Beauty

Step 1.

Locate a recipe that uses the ingredients you have on hand. Since we had raw honey, brown sugar and about 3/4 of a lemon, I used this one. Mix up a small batch.

Ink and watercolor pencil illustration for DIY honey sugar face mask, by Joana Miranda

Step 2.

Apply mixture to cleansed face and gently massage in circular motions. Admire your handiwork in the mirror. Don’t worry if the scrub gets in your mouth. Life is sweet…or, hopefully, it will be again soon!

Step 3.

Rinse with warm water. Follow with your favorite moisturizer (and sunscreen if you plan to spend time outside.)

Staying sane in a crazy world - DIY beauty rituals

If you like to keep a journal…

Write about or draw the process.

Staying sane in a crazy world - a peek at my illustration journal today.


Pick another self-improvement project for tomorrow. Enforced at-home time is a great opportunity for organizing, weeding out extra possessions, catching up on extra sleep, meditating, trying a new exercise program or reaching out to friends and loved ones.

Stay safe. Be well.


  1. Mm says:

    I see a definite change! I love it!! (I mean in the drawing. Also the face). Xoxo

    • Joana says:

      And *I* did, too. Except that I then slept badly last night so I’m looking a bit weary today. Maybe I’ll take another melatonin tonight…they do seem to help me sleep better.

      xox – Joana

      • Helen says:

        I like melatonin, and I also use 5HTP, as a daily supplement. It’s mainly tryptophan, so it’s like eating a turkey dinner.

        • Joana says:

          Hi Helen,

          I just took one of Andy’s Sleep Support pills. They’re all natural and contain Valerian, Hops, Poppy and Camomile (I think that’s the right combination.) The last time I took one I didn’t think it worked all that well; however, I’m running low on melatonin right now so I’ll try this for tonight. I’m trying not to read virus news more than 1x per day, but I did make the mistake of asking Andy what the NY City numbers are now. I guess they’ve finally started being able to do more tests so the jump in numbers is pretty frightening. But, as my wiser half said, we live in a dangerous world every day and hardly give two thoughts to what can happen. Being aware of the preciousness of life isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
          I hope you’re doing well. Sending lots of love and a big hug!

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