If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a crazy cat lady at heart. As I mentioned back in April 2019, I was convinced I wasn’t a pet person until my mom got her little Siamese, Puck. Now I feel bereft if I go a day without seeing him. In these uncertain times, video calling is proving to be a true blessing. I get pet therapy, mom time AND artistic inspiration all in one daily dose! My latest crazy cat lady art uses my favorite free-hand drawing techniques combined with watercolor pencils.

Crazy times call for crazy cat lady art

And these are definitely crazy times! If you’ve got a pet, go ahead and give ’em a squeeze. Pets are apparently safe from the coronavirus, so you can get your oxytocin fix without compromising their, or your, health. If you don’t have a pet, then do like I do and surround yourself with art that makes you smile.

Crazy cat lady art illustration by Joana Miranda

The crazy cat lady illustration is now available on a bunch of neat products – like totes, tees, laptop cases, pillows, notebooks and more – in my shop at Society6. I’m especially fond of the mug:

Crazy Cat Lady Love mug at Joana Miranda Studio at Society6
Crazy Cat Lady Love mug (backside) at Joana Miranda Studio at Society6

And I think the coasters are pretty fun, too!

Crazy Cat Lady Love coasters by Joana Miranda Studio at Society6

By the way, Puck isn’t just MY muse.

He’s a very helpful shop assistant and keeps a watchful eye on my mom in her pottery studio, too. (And, as you can see in these photos, he also moonlights as the Vanna White of ceramics.)


    • Joana says:

      Thanks so much, Susan! I hope you are healthy and well. Such a weird time we’re all living in…

      A big hug,

  1. Mm says:

    Who is Vanna White? That’s my BOY! I think he’s cute in your illustration. Of course, that’s not me, though, (is it????). Xoxo

    • Joana says:

      Hi Mm,

      No, it’s not you. You don’t wear pearls…otherwise, it’s a complete likeness. Hee-hee!

      xox -J

  2. Ana Ueb says:

    Lovely! And so true what you write about pets in these times of trouble. Beijinhos from lockdown Brussels xoxo

    • Joana says:

      Ola Ana,

      Thanks so much for writing! I need to call Paulinha, though I did get her news via my mom recently. These are definitely troubled times. I’m glad you have your dois gatinhos a fazer companhia! Sending lots of love and good wishes. Stay safe!


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