My newest cabin fever ecard was born from being cooped up during this coronavirus pandemic. As we’re nearing the end of March, it feels like we’ve been in this “new normal” state FOREVER. Trying to remain patient and positive isn’t always easy, but it sure beats the alternative. As always, when I focus on my illustrations, my worries disappear and I enter my happy place. By sharing my process (as well as offering you the opportunity to send my ecards for free!) I’m hoping to spread some of that happiness around, too.

My cabin fever ecard…

Actually went through 3 different drafts. Fortunately, I didn’t feel upset with having to redo each draft. Heck, if you’ve got oodles of time, you might as well savor the opportunities to learn from each revision. (Note to self: Playing the long game may get you to your goal even sooner.)

Here is the 3rd version drawing before I added watercolor:

Cabin fever ecard drawing on my drafting table

And, at the beginning of the coloring process:

Cabin Fever ecard illustration in process on my drafting table

Here I am surveying the finished illustration:

Actually, I lied. After I undid the Washi tape and scanned the drawing, I realized there were still a few small things I wanted to change. In my Corel Paint Shop Pro photo-editing program, I cleaned up the one area above the word “you’re” where I painted outside of the lines. Also, I decided to give my Siamese cat a pink nose.

Funny cabin fever ecard illustration by Joana Miranda for Joana Miranda Studio ecard shop

Please browse the ecards on my site and consider sending one or more to your loved ones. We might have to practice social distancing for a while longer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still find safe and meaningful ways to connect!


  1. Helen Reich says:

    I like it! Well, we are back to social media committee again! MSO musicians FB and IG feeds have been in mothballs since the last labor dispute in 2013. Now, we have decided we need to remind people we exist, while staying socially distant. I had my first Zoom meeting today.

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      I’m glad that you can have the meetings from a safe distance! I’m planning out my war gear for tomorrow’s early a.m. run to the grocery store. Fingers are crossed that Whole Foods will actually be restocked. The last 3 trips there have been failures since either the shelves have been bare or there is a long line out front. I’m counting on the early hour and the rain actually working in my favor.

      Ciao dearie!
      xoxo – Joana

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