I love to draw my cartoons and illustrations free-hand. The reason being that when I draw by hand without a prior sketch or under-drawing, the final result is more free, spontaneous…and, yes, more successful, too! Learning how to draw cartoons free-hand has been a long process. I’ve drawn TONS of bad cartoon characters and have scrapped a lot of paper. (Fortunately, being able to recycle my failures as watercolor test sheets makes me feel a lot less guilty about what I might be doing to the environment.) Hitting on the right media is also key. Which media to use is, of course, a personal preference. These days I’m loving creating my free-hand drawings with permanent colored pencil. The color accents are added with a water brush pen and my Daniel Smith watercolors.

How to Draw Cartoons Free-Hand (A Drawing Demo)

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By the way…

Drawing isn’t the only way to beat the indoor blues. Exercising does wonders for your body and mood. And if your body and mood are in good shape, your soul will be that much better off, too.

Funny colored pencil and watercolor free-hand drawing cartoon illustration by Joana Miranda for How to Draw Free-Hand post


I love these yoga and meditation videos. Of course, whenever I can, I also try to get fresh air and sunlight (these days at a safe distance.)

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

(We WILL get through this one way or another.)

Funny character cartoon illustration of drunk man holding a martini, by Joana Miranda


    • Joana says:

      We had a gloomy, rainy day, too. I think we’re in for some more of the same today and tomorrow. But maybe it’s a good thing since it will force more people to stay inside?

      I lurve you!

    • Joana says:

      Thank you, Helen! I’m once again behind on emailing. These days I’ve been trying to be very focused about my illustration time. This means I spend a lot of time away from the computer which is a good thing since the temptation to check the news is too real. But then I also sometimes get behind on my correspondence. Sigh.

      I hope you’re doing well! I will write a real email very soon…
      xox -Joana

    • Joana says:

      Thanks so much, Megha! And thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. 🙂
      All best wishes,

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