Right about now, I’d love to be safely nestled into a tree house somewhere. My fantasy tree house would be complete with playful monkeys, chirping birds, a cat and maybe even a cheery mouse! (Needless to say, everyone would be healthy and get along peacefully, too.) A pipe dream? Maybe, but that didn’t stop me from creating this whimsical tree of life art in my Moleskine sketchbook.

Whimsical Tree of Life Art

Here’s a sneak peek at the illustration in process as I was adding the watercolor…

Whimsical Tree of Life Art in process as I added the watercolor

And, here’s the finished illustration!

Tree of Life Art by Joana Miranda at Etsy

More about this illustration…

It took me probably 4 hours to draw and another 3 to color. I drew the entire illustration free-hand in ink with my Noodler’s Ahab Flex Fountain pen filled with DeAtrementis Document Ink. After finishing the drawing, I slept on it first (well, not literally) before deciding what colors to use.

Lately, I’ve been using a nifty”fan pan” travel watercolor kit that my mom gifted me. I love the range of colors and the compactness of the set. There’s even a handy mixing tray at the bottom, which – like the color trays -conveniently fans out. You can purchase your own set here.

My Tree of Life Art is now available…

In 3 different print sizes in my shop at Etsy!

What’s next?

Well, first a walk in the sunshine. And then I plan to start dreaming up some new free e-card illustrations for you to send from my shop. Do you have any requests? I’d love to hear!


    • Joana says:

      Thank you so much, Susan! I hope you’re doing well and staying safe! These are certainly stressful and scary times.
      Sending all best wishes,

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      So glad you like my Tree of Life illustration. 🙂 I’m hoping to put the finishing touches on a new illustration and post it tomorrow. Meanwhile, I’m feeling very thankful that I can lose myself in something that makes me so happy. Stay safe and stay healthy!
      xox – Joana

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