In another life (or so it feels!), I spent quite a bit of time playing my viola in the orchestra pit at New York City Ballet. Needless to say, because of Covid-19, the company has had to suspend all performances and a reopening date is still very much TBD. I do miss the routine of Lincoln Center and getting to chat with some of my favorite dancers in the hallways. To make up for some of the loss, I decided to create my own troupe of dancers. And, you get to meet them all in this whimsical ballerina wall art print!

Ballerina Wall Art Print

Drawn entirely free-hand in ink and watercolor in my Moleskine notebook, this illustration took two days to complete.

Whimsical ballerina wall art in my Moleskine notebook - photo of my workspace.

The print version…

Is now available in my shop at Etsy!

Ballerina wall art now available in 3 different print sizes in my shop at Etsy.

But wait…why are there no men?

That’s a good question since I usually tend to draw men characters more than women. I guess it’s because I felt like drawing tutus and making a “girlie” illustration. But, if you look closely, you’ll see that there’s one little ballerina who’s not sure she’s having any of it…


I’m busy filling up my second Moleskine notebook with whimsical ink and watercolor illustrations like the one above. If you’d like to see a “flip through” of the illustrations in my first Moleskine notebook, please check out this video from my Youtube channel.


  1. Helen Reich says:

    This is so cute! I can identify with the girl with the scissors. All I can say is, if I have to wear a #$##^&^ mask to play in a %&$$#% orchestra, well, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it. It’s hot in there, and I have enough trouble with my body temperature to begin with. Hope the era of covid passes quickly, and that we ll live through it.

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