Every Valentine’s Day for the past few years, I’ve renewed my and my husband’s Metropolitan Museum memberships. After I renewed this year, our plan was to visit the museum at the end of the NYCB winter season when we had more free time. Thanks to the pandemic, our schedule really freed up. But, for obvious reasons, leaving the house was not in the cards. Not one to be deterred, I decided instead to create some art about art. (You might remember this cartoon illustration – which actually appeared in one of the MET’s email bulletins! Click “view in browser” to open the bulletin images.)

A Gallery Visit?

New York City will be emerging from lock down and entering Phase 1 of reopening tomorrow. Of course, the art museums around the city are still closed for at least several more weeks. But, as you can see below, I’ve already paid a visit to THE BEST modern art museum in the city. (It just so happens to be the one in my head!)

Modern art museum freehand ink and watercolor illustration by Joana Miranda

About the Illustration

I drew it freehand in ink with my Noodler’s Abab Flex Fountain pen. For this illustration, I wanted to practice my one-point perspective. In order to get the perspective correct, I did lay out a few faint pencil grid lines for the vanishing point before I started drawing.

The Print Version

Is now available in 3 different sizes in my shop at Etsy!

Humorous illustration print by Joana Miranda.  Now available at Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy


The best part about this art museum is that you get to visit the gallery at no charge. (Plus, your feet won’t get tired.)


  1. Helen Reich says:

    I love it. I’m going to be missing all sorts of art things here, this summer. I guess so is everyone else! Much to my surprise, the farmers markets are planning to be open. I probably won’t go this month, because it’s still quite early in the growing season, and there won’t be much to buy, but I will try to go in July, as long as nothing awful happens. Looks like masks will be required, and you won’t be allowed to touch things yourself. You’re even supposed to not use your phone at the market, lest market germs fall upon it. I guess it’s just as good to leave it in your car. I wonder if the outdoor markets will be safer than grocery stores, despite the large number of attendees. I’ve been going to Outpost on Sundays around noon, and finding it to be pretty calm. I’m also doing a little better with my masks…..I think I’ve calmed down some, and am breathing a little slower.

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for writing, as always! I think the Friday farmer’s market outside our Whole Foods may have already started. I’ve noticed that the fruit vendor stand on the corner near WF is already back in business, too. It’s probably a lot safer to shop outdoors than it is indoors. That said, reading about Japan’s virus/death numbers (low) and knowing that they didn’t really ever shut down but instead all wore masks, makes me think that we will probably be ok as long as everyone wears their masks. Unfortunately, mask wearing is spotty across this country. I’ve worn mine constantly when out of the apartment. However, I see people not wearing their masks, or wearing them only over their mouths, or over their noses, or on their foreheads, etc. I do worry about an uptick in infections the gatherings of protesters. The true effects from the protest gatherings probably won’t be known for 5 or 6 weeks. I’d certainly hate to see NYC backsliding to where it was in March and April. That was a truly scary time.
      It’s a spectacularly beautiful day out today – not humid and with blue, cloudless skies. I already went out for my first walk/speed walk of the day, but will try to get in at least one more walk before the day is done.

      Now I’m off to put up my latest illustration!

      A big hug and lots of love!

      • Helen Reich says:

        A blog I follow has a doctor writing a couple times a week about COVID. He says that he thinks the fallout from demonstrations won’t be too bad, because they are outside, and also people are milling around, not spending time close to others, as you might at an outdoor party. I’m not absolutely confident that people are following that protocol, unfortunately. We had increased COVID cases after some WI residents had to stand in long lines to vote. Were they infected outdoors or indoors? We may never know.

        Ordinarily, I would try to go to our local demonstrations, but not this time. I felt bad for a while, but now, I’ve changed my thinking about it. I think it’s time to get off the streets. Demonstrations have shown that if there’s anyone who values police brutality, it’s the police, and some of them are acting out their fantasies of beating the crap out of anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I think they’re feeling threatened and are having temper tantrums, but with weapons. Time for new legislation, and I understand it’s coming. But, how to change the violent culture of some police departments?

        • Joana says:

          Hi Helen,

          I agree with your assessments of the protests (that the “socially distanced” protesting probably wasn’t all that socially distanced.) We stood in solidarity with the protesters from the safety of our balcony. Maybe we were wusses (how do you spell wuss?), but I also felt we were doing our part to curb the spread of the virus.

          Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to my volunteer project with NY Cares on the 18th. That project involves assembling food bags for the hungry. I feel like my energies are better placed doing work like that.

          Sending lots of love!

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