I seem to be drawn to drawing chefs. And, I’ve created a number of pieces of funny chef art in the past (take a look here, here, and here). In my previous illustrations, though, I’ve focused on drawing just a few chefs. But in my latest illustration, a whole school of chefs has assembled for our mutual amusement!

Funny Chef Art by Joana Miranda

Funny Chef Art - Le Cordon Rose by Joana Miranda

You might have noticed that these chefs are all women. And even though Le Cordon Rose is a competitive and rigorous cooking school, the “chef-istas” are all finding ways to help each other.

The freehand drawing process for this illustration…

My Le Cordon Rose chef school illustration in process.

Took a few days to complete. I was trying to connect each of my chefs either physically, or with a shared cooking implement or action. Figuring out all of the positioning of the chefs’ arms and legs (and shoes!) required some patience and a lot of thought since I was drawing freehand in ink.

Here’s the completed ink drawing:

The final inked Le Cordon Rose chef school illustration in my Moleskine notebook.

And here’s the illustration with color added!

Funny chef school drawing inked and colored with watercolors - by Joana Miranda Studio

The Le Cordon Rose Illustration…

is now available as a print in multiple sizes in my shop at Etsy!

Whimsical chef art by Joana Miranda.  Now available as a print at Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy

P.S. In the interest of culinary collaboration, here’s one of my favorite Paleo cookie recipes. Since flour has been in short supply during the pandemic, you might want to try a nut flour variation. The taste might just surprise and delight you!


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