Given that my husband and I are having to stay put in our apartment this summer (thank you, pandemic), I feel like we’ve lucked out so far with the weather. Yes, it’s gotten hotter and more humid of late, but we managed to make it through almost all of June without having to turn on the AC. There’s been ample sun, too, which is nice for my early morning walks. So when the skies turned darker this evening followed by claps of thunder and lightning, I figured it was just nature’s way of providing a backdrop for my newest rainy day illustration.

Rainy Day Illustration

I decided to use the space a little differently in my Moleskine notebook for this illustration. Here is the illustration in progress:

Rainy day illustration in progress, by Joana Miranda

I started the illustration with the girl and her umbrella, and then moved on to adding in monkeys and a rain forest. The rhythm of the drawing naturally descended in a diagonal down toward the bottom right of the page.

I stopped for the night…

When the illustration was at this stage:

Inked rainy day sketch in my Moleskine notebook

When I revisited the illustration in the morning, I was pleased with how it looked. However, as I proceeded with the coloring stage, I was bothered by the amount of white space. So I decided to “grow” my rain forest and the new leaves on the bottom right emerged.

Photo of my newest rainy day art on my drawing table.

The completed illustration…

Is now available in my shop at Etsy! You can purchase it in 8×10, 8.5×11 or 11×14 print sizes.

Cheer Up rainy day illustration with black frame, by Joana Miranda

I’m now probably a quarter of the way through this Moleskine notebook – the second one I will have completed. If you’re curious to see the contents of my first completed Moleskine notebook, take a look below:

Meanwhile, if you have requests for drawing videos, please let me know in the comments section below. A perk of putting up a new video is getting to show off my new pixie haircut. But I’d rather create a video that YOU want to see, so let me know!


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