I’ve been remiss in posting of late. However, my absence has not been due to laziness. There’s actually been lots going on behind the scenes at Joana Miranda Studio! This past week, I laid out the three pencil drafts for the final quarter illustrations for my overseas magazine client. And I also finished up work on a custom Groundhog illustration for a private client. With those tasks completed, I felt very eager to get back to my Moleskine Art Sketchbook. Maybe I was influenced by the industriousness of the past week; my latest illustration – a sewing room wall art print – emerged full of life and activity!

Sewing Room Wall Art by Joana Miranda Studio

Even though I did have a nagging worry in the back of my mind, I’m happy to report that last week’s focus on pencil drafts for my custom clients did not hamper my confidence when I switched back to drawing freehand in ink.

Sewing Room Wall Art freehand ink doodle in my Moleskine Art Sketchbook, by Joana Miranda

By the way, I photographed the ink drawing (above) yesterday on our balcony as the storm clouds were rolling in over the city. Today’s photo (below) of the finished colored illustration had to be taken inside safely away from the monsoon rains we’ve been having!

Sewing room wall art in my Moleskine sketchbook after I colored it with watercolor

The print version

Is now available (in 3 sizes) in my shop at Etsy!

P.S. I’m now about halfway through filling my 2nd Moleskine sketchbook. When I have finished filling the entire sketchbook, I plan to do another flip-through video over on my channel at Youtube showing the contents of the sketchbook. In the meantime, if there’s something you’d like me to demo on my channel, please let me know in the comments below.


    • Joana says:

      They’d get along well with Titinha, too! (She’s playing Hide and Seek under the fabric in the illustration so that’s why you don’t see her.);-)

      xox – J

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