These days I’m finding myself feeling increasingly critical of what’s appearing in my Moleskine notebook. Given that I want my Moleskine notebooks to be a safe and free place for my ideas (any and all of them!) to evolve, this new trend isn’t a good thing. Mostly, what I’m chaffing against is a paradox. The more I practice drawing, the better I get at it. But I don’t necessarily want to get better at drawing. What I’m after is freedom of expression and a look that is uniquely my own. And I keep coming to the conclusion that the only way to get to that goal is by unlearning to draw!

Unlearning to Draw…

Might take some unconventional techniques and tricks. One that I’m considering trying is drawing with my non-dominant (left) hand. I might also revisit “blind drawings” where I draw without looking at the page. Maybe setting a pad of paper and pen by my bedside and dashing off a drawing just as I’m beginning to feel my eyelids getting heavy will give me further insight.

As always, I’m looking forward to sharing the process with you here on my blog!

Unlearning to Draw is my goal these days.  Even though this freehand ink drawn illustration had promise, in the end I felt like I boxed myself in.


Whether you’re trying to learn or unlearn to draw, daily practice will always be your friend. And so it helps to have paper and drawing tools always at the ready. This is how I keep my supplies handy and with me at all times:

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