In today’s Moleskine sketchbook spread, I decided to have some fun illustrating women in all different shapes and sizes. Each of the illustrations below was drawn freehand with colored pencil. I then added touches of watercolor paint. For obvious reasons, I’m calling this illustration Body Types – An Illustrated Guide. You might just find your body type below. Me? Depending on my mood (and my forever fluctuating hormones!), I think I’ve had days where I feel like each and every one of the types below.

Body Types – An Illustrated Guide

Body Types - An Illustrated Guide to the Female Form by Joana Miranda

Let’s Take a Closer Look…

The Apple body type - a humorous illustration by Joana Miranda
(Pair this shape with form-fitting leggings and a bag of donuts. Blue hair is optional.)
The Pear Shape - a humorous cartoon illustration by Joana Miranda
(A hipster – literally – in the fashion world.)
The Curvy - Humorous cartoon spot illustration by Joana Miranda. Part of the Body Types - An Illustrated Guide collection of spot illustrations
(Move over Marilyn – this one knows how to strut her stuff!)
The String Bikini - Whimsical spot illustration by Joana Miranda
(Simply the tops, of course!)
Humorous librarian spot illustration by Joana Miranda
(The secret’s in the look…and the book!)
Funny pandemic body types spot illustration by Joana Miranda -
(Dedicated to all my female friends and fans out there…’cause we’re all in this together!)


With an eye to keeping the mood light, I recently posted this short drawing video over on my channel at Youtube (and yes, I roped Ziggy into waving hello at you, too):


Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

Jean Cocteau


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